Optigo Networks: Securing the Commercial INTERNET OF THINGS

Modern commercial buildings include thousands of smart devices that require complex networks which present new cybersecurity concerns. Optigo offers a unique network-based anomaly detection engine to deliver next-generation security for the commercial IoT.
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Optigo Connect™ is an innovative group of networking hardware products capable of connecting thousands of smart devices anywhere on the property with a fraction of the infrastructure.

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Visual BACnet™ and Optigo InSight™ provide layers of information in informative and easy-to-understand graphs and tables. With Optigo’s visualization platforms, network administration and management become simple for even the most complex smart buildings.

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Optigo InSight™ is a network-based visualization and analytics software application that continuously monitors the network and connected devices in IP-based security systems. Protect the overall building control system from cyber-attacks and failing devices.

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