Making smart buildings smarter

Looking to enhance your building intelligence? Optigo Networks provides complete solutions to protect, connect, and manage today’s most advanced buildings.

Our top-of-the-line software secures vulnerabilities in the building network and provides unified management and analytics to predict system failures. Our versatile hardware can be used to reliably connect thousands of devices anywhere on your property. Forward-thinking companies from around the world are turning to Optigo Networks for secure solutions for smart building networks that no other solution can offer.

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Threat Protection
Smart buildings need smart protection. Optigo is a leader in building network security to identify cyber-attacks.
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Dedicated Networks
Optigo keeps your building network separate from your IT network. Your core network cannot be penetrated via unsecured building equipment. Damage, disruption, or theft of confidential information is prevented.
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Failure Prediction
Our products simplify the task of maintaining and troubleshooting large networks so you can replace equipment before it breaks down.
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