Optigo Networks: Securing the Commercial INTERNET OF THINGS

Modern commercial buildings feature thousands of smart devices, requiring complex networks that present new cybersecurity concerns. Optigo offers a unique network-based anomaly detection engine to deliver next-generation security for the commercial IoT.



Optigo Connect™ is an innovative family of networking hardware products capable of connecting thousands of smart devices anywhere on the property with a fraction of the infrastructure of traditional hardware.

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Optigo OneView™ provides easy-to-use network management tools that simplify the operation of even the most complex intelligent building. Drastically simplifies tasks of maintaining networks.

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Optigo Integrity™ is a network-based analytic software engine that continuously monitors the behavior of connected devices & protects the overall building control system from cyber-attacks.

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Threat Protection
Smart buildings need smart protection. Optigo is a leader in building network security to identify cyber-attacks.
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Dedicated Networks
Optigo keeps your building network separate from your IT network. Your core network cannot be penetrated via unsecured building equipment. Damage, disruption, or theft of confidential information is prevented.
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Failure Prediction
Our products simplify the task of maintaining and troubleshooting large networks so you can replace equipment before it breaks down.
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