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Is our industry Building-IoT ready?


Right now, the building automation industry is dominated by four massive, multinational companies. Companies with long and storied pasts, that have been around since the dawn of electricity. Companies with a monopoly on the market, and little competition or disruption. 

That’s not going to last much longer. 

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How to solve BACnet problems


Over the years, we’ve dug into solutions for the most common problems we see on BACnet networks: everything from MS/TP issues, to Global Who-Is broadcasts, duplications, and Circular Networks. Now, we’re rounding up all our best advice for solving BACnet problems! 

You can check out our full guides in the list of links below, and scroll through for our recaps and videos. Need a guide on the go? Download our PDF guide and take the advice anywhere! 

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Think you know the BAS industry? Test yourself.


When I really think about it, I’m astounded by how much movement and change there is among companies in the building automation industry. Everyone — both new companies and old — is partnering, purchasing, and generally collaborating a heck of a lot more than they used to. 

This industry map we put together is a pretty incredible visual. 

Think you know the industry? Test yourself! What companies are missing here? (The answer’s at the bottom of this post, and the complete map is below that. But no peeking!) 

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The collision of IT and OT in smart buildings


The world of IT does not look quite like it did 40, or even 30 years ago. 

As the growth of the internet of things (IoT) accelerates, a wealth of smart new devices is being added to our networks: everything from security cameras to lighting control and energy metering systems.

IoT is a major trend that is here to stay, and smart buildings are the IoT. In some cases, these traditionally non-IT services will want access to data and the internet. IT departments have to work with facilities to decide what is acceptable, and how to manage this complex crossover.

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New white paper explores IoT and the future of BACnet in smart buildings


June 12, 2018, Vancouver, BC – Vancouver-based Optigo Networks, the network connectivity, monitoring, and analytics company, has released a new report on the challenges and opportunities for BACnet in smart buildings. The white paper was developed to inform manufacturers, integrators, and building owners and managers on the future of this widely adopted building protocol.

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How Penn State monitors for a smart, healthy network


Not so long ago, Penn State had big network problems.

Think tons of network traffic, buildings dropping offline — that sort of thing.

When Tom Walker first started working at PSU four years ago, broadcast traffic was pushing 90,000 packets per hour. He was on the phone almost every single night because devices were down or had to be reset.

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Optigo Networks and Distech Controls work together to deliver efficient building solutions


Vancouver-based Optigo Networks has teamed up with Distech Controls, expanding its reach globally. The Optigo ConnectTM line of hardware and software solutions for smart buildings will now be available through Distech Controls and their respective channels. With their vision for efficient, technologically advanced smart buildings, this collaboration is a natural step for the two Canadian companies.

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8 ports. 10G of bandwidth. Big power.


The brand new 8-port Smart Aggregation Switch hosts 10G of bandwidth, allowing users to expand their building systems seamlessly. The switch’s extreme flexibility and massive capacity allow users to manage thousands of devices from a single switch.

“At Optigo Networks, we design solutions that scale with the client’s needs,” says Wayne Tighe, Vice President of Global Sales at Optigo Networks. “We are excited to deliver this new, forward-thinking innovation that can support any commercial building’s system.”

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Optigo Networks and Delta Australia partner to deliver end-to-end building solutions


April 12, 2018, Vancouver and Australia – Today, Vancouver-based Optigo Networks announced a new partnership with Australian integrator, Delta Building Automation. Optigo Networks’ OT network platform, Optigo ConnectTM, will now be available throughout Delta Australia’s projects. This expands Optigo Networks’ global reach, and furthers the Australian government’s mandate for high-performing, energy-efficient smart buildings.