Optigo Connect is an innovative family of networking hardware products capable of connecting thousands of smart devices anywhere on the property with a fraction of the infrastructure of traditional hardware.

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A typical network consists of one optical ethernet switch (ONS-S2), several optical splitters (ONS-Yx) and multiple optical electrical converters (ONS-Cx). Optigo Networks offers several types of each of these devices, to help create the perfect solution for your application.


“With Optigo Connect, the network is now flexible and strong, able to support a multitude of systems with ease and performing better than ever.”

– Hendra Hugraha, National Engineering Manager, Delta Building Automation


Optigo Networking System

ONS – S2

Smart Aggregation Switch


Our ONS – S2 is designed specifically for deploying passive optical networking in Intelligent Buildings. It allows you to create a single virtual switch with up to 1028 distributed ports, and centrally monitor and manage your entire network with a built-in OneViewTM Dashboard. Our ONS- S2 supports all protocols in use for Security and Building Automation, and easily achieves redundancy with it’s auto-switching Active/Standby feature.

For more information, download the ONS-S2 data sheet.


Passive Optical Splitters


Our Passive Optical Splitters allow you to optimize the cabling throughout your Intelligent Building. Simply run a single fiber and split it wherever you need – without the use of power, climate control or maintenance. A wide selection of splitters enables a variety of flexible and expandable architectures, enabling your network to reach up to 8 km (5 miles) while reducing cabling costs up to 80%.

For more information, download the ONS-Yx data sheet.

ONS - Cx

Edge Switches


Our versatile line of managed Edge Switches are engineered to meet any challenge in Building Automation and Security. With various size, mounting and environmental options, our switches can be installed anywhere from a control room to a utility pole. All PoE and VLAN settings are centrally managed from Optigo’s OneViewTM Dashboard, allowing complete monitoring and control from one comfortable location.

For more information, download the ONS-Cx data sheet.


Network Management
Optigo OneView Network Management Software



Our management interface, Optigo OneView, allows you to monitor and manage your entire network from one place. Quickly and easily see the status of your ports, know how much bandwidth you are using, and configure VLANs.  OneClick Secure allows you to close all open ports and lock used ports to the applicable MAC address with the click of a button. Optigo OneView gives you unique visibility into your building network.


Simplify your network.

Plug and play
Simply plug your IP device into Optigo Networks’ products and our plug-and-play technology will do the rest, allowing for quick and easy installation and provisioning.

Centralized management
Connect your IP devices across large distances, while maintaining network management from a single location for control and monitoring. Visibility throughout a building network is crucial for systems having hundreds to thousands of devices.

Extend its reach.

Longer Range
With a radius of up to 8km (5 miles) from the Smart Aggregation Switch, your network can now reach wherever you need to go.

The Optigo solution works for networks of any size, from just a few to hundreds or thousands of IP devices. Adding devices is a effortless with our split fibre technology.

Reduce costs and risk.

Reduce your costs
Our solutions require less equipment, less space and less cabling than traditional solutions, saving you labour costs and money. Our management software makes provisioning effortless.

Reduce your risk
Our networks are more flexible and contain less active components, which decreases the number of potential failure points in the network.

Read Optigo Networks Position Paper to learn more.