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Are you ready for the future of BACnet?

The Future of BACnet featuring Pook-Ping Yao, Adam Rinderle, Phil Zito, and Andy McMillan

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We recently hosted a webinar on the future of BACnet, moderated by our own CEO Pook-Ping Yao, with very special guests Andy McMillan of BACnet International, Phil Zito of Building Automation Monthly, and Adam Rinderle of bluEvolution. We dove into industry challenges, solutions, key debates, and the future of the BACnet protocol. 

All our guests came with their own unique set of knowledge and experience to contribute to the discussion. Andy, as the President of BACnet International, is the expert on where the protocol’s been and where it’s going. Phil, a long-time building automation technician who now trains techs worldwide as Owner, Author, and Host of Building Automation Monthly, knows about the on-the-ground realities of building automation. Adam, as Principal and Founder of a smart building technology design and consulting firm, sees how IT and OT work together on massive, sprawling networks. 

We had a jam-packed agenda, full of discussion and debate on everything from IP and MS/TP, to security, to closing the industry skills gap. Watch the webinar, and access resources for further information and training below. 

Skip ahead:
4:15 – Market size of BACnet
9:20 – Key drivers of growth in BACnet
14:30 – BACnet and lighting
20:00 – Andy McMillan’s comments on the BACnet market size
22:15 – MS/TP and IP (and PoE?) 
29:15 – BACnet and wireless
31:00 – When IP is appropriate over MS/TP 
36:30 – Cybersecurity and BACnet
45:00 – Closing the skills gap
54:20 – BACnet and analytics
55:50 – Tagging and BACnet
58:55 – Multi-protocol devices

We had a ton of questions on the webinar, and unfortunately didn’t have time to get to all of them. But fear not! We’ll be following up with another blog post answering all of those questions — stay tuned! 

More resources:
BACnet SC: Email info@bacnetinternational.org for more info
Whitepaper: Why you should invest in BACnet
The BACnet Institute
BTL Certification & Listings
Building Efficiency for a Sustainable Tomorrow
Building Automation Monthly resources

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