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How to Spec Division 25

How to spec division 25 integration automation smart buildings

The consulting specifying engineer of today is venturing into a totally new territory: Division 25. While an MSI is familiar with the need for a building IoT platform and a way to integrate all the systems, a consulting engineer is only just starting to engage on this level. Need help specifying Div. 25? We’ve worked […]

Layer 3 Routing Made Easy

Optigo Connect Distech Controls router management OT network

The Optigo Connect router solution, paired with Distech Controls’ suite of powerful products, gives you everything you need for a truly smart building.

How to Resolve Duplicate Device IDs

Solving Duplicate Device IDs in Visual BACnet

It’s super important to have unique Device IDs on your BACnet system, but duplicates are a very common problem. Unfortunately, you might not even realize you have duplicate IDs, with devices only responding periodically.

From Basic to Master with Optigo OneView

Optigo OneView demo

There’s a ton you can do to manage your Optigo Connect network in Optigo OneView, from managing and organizing VLANs to creating mirror ports and securing the network at the touch of a button. Find out all the power and control you can get out of a OneView management dashboard in this webinar session: In […]

Where to capture data for Visual BACnet

Where to capture BACnet data traffic for Visual BACnet

Visual BACnet is a powerful program that removes the guesswork in diagnosing problems on your network. It provides a concrete Network Health Score, highlights key issues, and empowers users to improve their networks over time. But you have to give it the right data first, and that means knowing where on the network to capture. […]

Designing a High Rise Network with Optigo Connect

An artistic photograph of high rise apartment windows reflected to look like they go on forever.

Building a bid with Optigo Connect? Whether you’re designing a network for a big or small building, a new project, or a retrofit — Optigo Connect Spectra and Hybrid have you covered. In this webinar session, we delve into a high-rise network. Watch the recording, or read on to learn about key network considerations. Design […]

Managing VLANs And BBMDs

VLANs and BBMDs on the BACnet network

VLANs and BBMDs seem at complete odds with each other. One’s meant to separate and segregate traffic. The other is designed to broadcast messages across the network, without limit for which devices should get what messages. BBMDs and VLANs coexist on IP and MS/TP networks everywhere, and it’s important to know how to properly segregate […]

Become a BACnet Browser Pro

A screenshot of Visual BACnet within a webinar with two hosts.

The BACnet Browser in Visual BACnet allows you to customize the information you see and isolate the specific packets you need to solve your problem. It’s one of the most powerful features in Visual BACnet, but an often confused or overlooked one. In this 10-minute webinar, we showed attendees how to navigate the BACnet Browser […]

How to Use Visual BACnet Site Monitoring

Optigo Networks Visual BACnet Site Manager

Trying to keep up with rampant device issues, constant network changes, or vendors pointing fingers instead of solving problems? Visual BACnet Site Monitoring is indispensable on large BACnet networks. Our customers at Penn State University, Princeton University, and many other campuses have embedded it into their workflows, and they’ve seen a steady increase in their […]

Secure Connect Q&A: Bernhard Isler and David Fisher

BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) with David Fisher and Bernhard Isler

We recently hosted a webinar on BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) with special guests Bernhard Isler from Siemens and David Fisher from PolarSoft, two main figures behind BACnet/SC. We talked about why BACnet/SC was developed, and how it will affect everyday users. As expected, we got a ton of audience questions, on everything from hubs to […]