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Data analytics at the forefront of Realcomm 2017

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The team from Optigo Networks recently returned from Realcomm/IBCon 2017 in San Diego, California.

The team from Optigo Networks recently returned from Realcomm/IBCon 2017 in San Diego, California. We had a great week connecting with friends and partners, and hearing about industry trends at one of the biggest real estate conferences of the year.

A major theme at Realcomm was data: deep-diving to collect data on every aspect of a smart building. By pulling data on energy analytics, network health, and device use, facilities managers and controls engineers can better optimize their smart buildings. There is no way a human being could compile, comprehend, and track such an overwhelming amount of data, though. Instead, analytics can be put to good use with Artificial Intelligence (AI). In the future, devices and systems will learn to adapt to tenants’ needs. We saw potential for AI in smart buildings throughout Realcomm, with heavy hitters from both real estate and software technology industries in attendance.

For now though, analytics from disparate parts of a smart building can help us make better informed decisions overall. Data on energy use and network health can combine to keep a building running in tip-top shape. For example, energy analytics company BUENO Systems uses Visual BACnet, the advanced visualization platform for building automation systems, on every proposed project. They check the building’s BACnet health to ensure their technology won’t adversely affect a weak network. Learn more about how BUENO Systems uses Visual BACnet.

At Realcomm, we also launched our new BACnet Site Monitoring and Capture Service features, and promoted our latest release for Optigo Connect, OneClick Secure.

We were excited to release Visual BACnet’s new site monitoring features to the public at Realcomm: Capture Service and BACnet Site Monitoring. The Capture Service lets you schedule captures as you wish, and they will automatically upload into Visual BACnet. With BACnet Site Monitoring, you know the instant anything changes on your smart building network. Email alerts will notify you whenever your network health drops below a certain threshold or changes by a certain amount. These brand new features got a positive reception from both integrators and end users alike.

We showed off OneClick Secure to the attendees at Realcomm, as well. OneClick Secure is a robust new feature for our centralized management interface, OneView, that merges easy-to-manage switches with secure systems. With the click of a button, you can close all the unused ports in your network, and lock the used ports to the applicable MAC address. People loved hearing about Optigo Connect, and seeing this intuitive management interface was the cherry on top.

Our thanks to the organizers and attendees at Realcomm for a great experience! We look forward to attending the conference again next year.

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