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Do you know what’s on your network?

Visual BACnet Device Browser by Optigo Networks

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What does device tracking look like on your network? Do you have a device approval and authorization process? A thorough list of each Device ID, IP address, and location?

A stale spreadsheet that’s several installations out of date?

The thing is, as soon as your list of devices is even slightly behind, it’s really hard to catch up. New devices get added, IP addresses are assigned, suddenly you have duplicate device IDs mucking up your network, and you don’t know what’s what, what’s where, or how it got there.

This is understandable. In fact, it happens on a lot of facilities. But given that rule #1 for a cybersecure network is to know your assets, it’s not sustainable. Hacks happen with increasing frequency in this world of the Internet of Things. You don’t need to make it easier on cyber criminals by leaving your assets a blank mass of vulnerable, untracked devices.

That’s why our upcoming release, available late-July to Visual BACnet Site Monitoring customers, makes out-of-date spreadsheets and device lists full of question marks a thing of the past. Now, Visual BACnet Site Monitoring customers will automatically update their device lists as they monitor. New pcap files will capture device information and populate the Device Browser with the Device ID, IP address, vendor name, and more.

Visual BACnet Device Browser by Optigo Networks

Visual BACnet with the new Device Browser is an all-in-one solution for cybersecurity and troubleshooting. The site-wide device list shows active, inactive, and dormant BACnet devices, as well as those that have never been observed before. The Device Browser alerts the user when any new devices are added to the network, and gives them the ability to mark devices as approved or unapproved. The Device Browser also helps users troubleshoot system issues faster, because they know what devices are on their network and can easily pinpoint problematic devices and fix them.

The Visual BACnet Device Browser is a powerful feature that provides visibility into the network, letting you monitor smarter, troubleshoot faster, and keep systems secure by tracking assets. Book a demo to learn more about the Device Browser for Visual BACnet Site Monitoring.

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