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Frequently asked BACnet questions, answered

BACnet Frequently Asked Questions

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One of the biggest barriers we’ve found in this industry is a lack of accessible educational resources. For people who are new to the business of BAS, it’s a real challenge trying to string together information.

Of course, lots of people in the industry are doing fantastic work to change this. Phil Zito’s Building Automation Monthly and Ken Sinclair’s Automated Buildings are two key resources. 

But technical information, gathered in one central place, written in super simple, plain ol’ English? Everything’s scattered, and very little is written in layman terms.

So, if you’re new to the industry, or just have a burning question about this whole world of BACnet, we want to answer it. You’ll find tons of questions that either we’ve asked or have heard other people wonder about, right here. 

Did we miss anything? Feel free to email marketing@optigo.net, and we’ll happily add to the list.   


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