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BUENO Systems Visual BACnet

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Find out how Australian energy analytics company BUENO Systems uses Visual BACnet to diagnose network health even before they deploy their products.

Analyzing a smart building’s network data can help to pinpoint a plethora of problems. Australian energy analytics company, BUENO Systems, looks at energy usage to help buildings save money and be more sustainable.

When BUENO used to work with a new building, they would have no idea whether the network was in prime condition or near disaster. They would do some network tests and cross their fingers. Sometimes deploying their devices went smoothly; sometimes it didn’t. In one instance, adding their product to a shopping mall caused the network to fail, breakers to restart, and all devices to turn on for 24 hours. Because it was the addition of BUENO’s device that caused the failure, they were responsible for fixing the problems.

After that, BUENO went looking for ways to quickly diagnose a building’s network health before deploying their products. They found Visual BACnet, and now use it to analyze every potential project. If they’re not confident in the network’s health, they will not deploy until the issues are resolved. Now, they can work with the controls engineers before and after they deploy, to make sure the buildings are in tip-top shape.

Visual BACnet’s basic and advanced reports help them easily communicate which problems are where to the controls engineer or contractor. BUENO is also looking forward to using Visual BACnet’s soon-to-be-released site monitoring feature, to get an even better glimpse into network health. Learn more about Visual BACnet’s latest addition.

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