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Look who’s one! A year in review with Visual BACnet

happy birthday visual BACnet

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One year ago today, Optigo launched Visual BACnet. Join me on a trip down memory lane with this Visual BACnet retrospective.

One year ago today, Optigo launched Visual BACnet. When we released the advanced visualization tool on September 10th, it had already been through months of beta testing, feedback, and development. We had revised, refined, and repeated. We knew that a powerful diagnostics and analytics engine would drive the future of BACnet and smart buildings worldwide. We believed that we could pioneer that future.

A year later, our vision is even bigger. The product looks nothing like it used to, and there are major new partnerships and exciting innovations coming up for Visual BACnet. We’re so grateful for all the beta testers, early-adopters, and loyal customers who see the value of Visual BACnet and believe in it as strongly as we do. We wouldn’t be here without you.

We have plenty of plans for Visual BACnet, which you can learn about in our webinar on September 14th. For now, join me on a trip down memory lane with a Visual BACnet retrospective.

Beta Testing

happy birthday visual BACnet

This screenshot is from months before we officially launched Visual BACnet, in May 2016. It had half the number of diagnostic checks, no chat feature, and a distinctly different homepage layout.

happy birthday visual BACnet

Post-Beta Testing

After going through beta testing, Visual BACnet got more detail and a fresh new look in June 2016. We added diagnostics checks, as well as the diagnostic check summary box.

happy birthday visual BACnet


In August 2016, Visual BACnet got even more diagnostic checks, organized by type of check. We added a statistics summary box, and tweaked the platform’s appearance as well. This version looks much closer to the Visual BACnet we have today.

happy birthday visual BACnet

Since we officially launched Visual BACnet to the public in September last year, we’ve continued to add tons of new features: commenting, team accounts, advanced reports, and lots of diagnostic checks. (You can see what new features we added to Visual BACnet in the links below!) We partnered with heavyweights of the building automation industry, including Contemporary Controls and KMC Controls, to give users crucial visibility into MS/TP.

happy birthday visual BACnet

Our brand new BACnet Site Monitoring product revolutionized network management, allowing users to know the instant that anything changes on their smart building network.

happy birthday visual BACnet

Thanks again to all who have joined us over the last year of Visual BACnet’s growth! Check out our webinar Leading the Future of BAS below, to hear what we have planned for the platform’s future.

June 19, 2017


BACnet Site Monitoring

Capture Service


May 3, 2017

Enhanced Device Browser

Device Detail Tool Tips

Low hop count diagnostic check

Multiple custom port settings

Advanced Reporting


April 7, 2017

“Reject-To-Network” diagnostic check

Amount of ReadProperty diagnostic check

Maximum number of networks diagnostic check

Router busy diagnostic check




November 26, 2016

Team Accounts


September 10, 2016

MS/TP diagnostic check


Non-standard BACnet ports


July 20, 2016

Missing ACKs and Error PDUs








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