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Make your team 78% more efficient with Visual BACnet

Visual BACnet Troubleshooting Return on Investment

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Think your site doesn’t have problems? Think again.

A study of two years’ worth of data found that a whopping 76% of files have significant issues. 

  • Unresponsive devices pop up on 71% of files
  • Response times of 5 seconds or more show up on 34% of files
  • Unresponsive routers appear on 24% of files
  • Global Who-Is Routers affect 19% of files
  • Duplicate Networks impact 12% of files

These are key issues that can have devastating effects, especially on large, multi-vendor networks.

An independent study showed that teams can become 78% more efficient solving BACnet issues when they use Visual BACnet.

Troubleshoot 4.5x faster with Visual BACnet.

  • Save up to 45 minutes identifying unresponsive devices
  • Save up to 46 minutes finding excessive broadcast traffic
  • Save up to 20 minutes pinpointing the root cause to slow networks
  • Save up to 106 minutes isolating conflicting network IDs
  • Save up to 71 minutes spotting duplicate BBMDs

Share this information with your boss or colleagues! Download our document on troubleshooting faster with Visual BACnet

Curious about how BACnet will evolve to solve these and other issues in the years to come? We’ve written a whitepaper exploring the future of BACnet. Read it now to find out:

  • Why tagging and Project Haystack will change the way we manage our buildings.
  • How BACnet’s becoming more secure, with BACnet Secure Connect.
  • The dominant estimations of BACnet’s marketshare, in North America and worldwide.
  • The biggest concerns in data ownership, data privacy, and the cloud.
  • Theories of how IoT will disrupt our brick and mortar buildings.
  • And BACnet’s place with ASHRAE, as the protocol moves more and more into BIoT.

Download the whitepaper now!

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