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New: Site Monitoring for your BACnet network

New Site Monitoring Visual BACnet

Visual BACnet now offers two simple ways to stay ahead of your BACnet network’s health. Learn more about our Capture Service and BACnet Site Monitoring.

Has your BACnet network ever been hit with a sudden wave of devastating issues? Devices going offline and refusing to come back on; a network that has slowed to a crawl; or breakers randomly restarting? If you aren’t regularly looking at your BACnet network’s health, you could be in for surprises like these. Small problems might be simmering under the surface, only to be set off by a small network addition.

Insight into your building network is crucial to managing it. Without a keen awareness of your network’s health and behaviour, you’ll be perpetually trying to fix symptoms without attacking the underlying problem. This requires getting regular packet captures (pcaps) — at least daily, but ideally more — so you can dive into the details and understand your network’s health over time. Staying on top of those regular captures is impossible, though, when your time and energy are already stretched to their limits.

Visual BACnet Capture Tool for Windows

Capture Service 1Capture Service 2

Visual BACnet now offers two simple ways to stay ahead of your BACnet network’s health: with our new Visual BACnet Capture Tool for Windows, you can schedule captures as you wish (hourly, daily, or at irregular times) and they will automatically upload into Visual BACnet. Rather than waiting for an hour while a packet is captured, you can schedule ahead of time so that tedious work happens in the background. This helps you track changes in the network so problems don’t catch you unawares and you can identify exactly what changed and when. When the time comes, simply pull up Visual BACnet, see the latest network health score, and diagnose issues to quickly resolve them. Best of all? The Visual BACnet Capture Tool for Windows is free with your Visual BACnet account!

BACnet Site Monitoring

New Site Monitoring Visual BACnet

With BACnet Site Monitoring, you’ll know the instant anything changes on your smart building network. If you have a new deployment on a multi-vendor site and spot an issue, you can call your contractor back the same day they install; no extra costs to fix problems caused by new deployments and updates. You’ll know when someone is making changes to the network that they shouldn’t be, and can look at the history of changes over time to pinpoint exactly what went wrong, when, and how. You can even set email alerts, to be notified when your network health drops below a certain threshold or changes by a certain amount.

These solutions revolutionize how you manage your smart building. By monitoring your BACnet network, you can better manage vendors, and get to the underlying root of problems. Catch network issues when they occur, rather than resetting that pesky router every few months and crossing your fingers. Take control of your network with these advanced monitoring features.

Learn more about these brand new features in our 10-minute webinar!

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