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New white paper explores IoT and the future of BACnet in smart buildings

Optigo Networks BACnet white paper

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June 12, 2018, Vancouver, BC – Vancouver-based Optigo Networks, the network connectivity, monitoring, and analytics company, has released a new report on the challenges and opportunities for BACnet in smart buildings. The white paper was developed to inform manufacturers, integrators, and building owners and managers on the future of this widely adopted building protocol.

Commercial buildings and campuses worldwide are running on the BACnet protocol. Reports show its rate of adoption increasing year over year. However, as the Internet of Things makes our networks more nuanced and complex, there are new uncertainties in both BACnet and the building automation industry at large.

Optigo Networks BACnet white paper

Titled “Why should you invest in BACnet,” this white paper provides an overview of the opportunities and challenges that BACnet presents, through interviews with industry experts, the innovators behind BACnet, and technicians who manage BACnet systems from day to day. It explores ways to leverage BACnet in the smart buildings of today and tomorrow, and warns of potential pitfalls in ill-designed or mismanaged networks. It also details the future of the protocol and looming questions that need to be answered.

“As more and more commercial buildings around the world adopt BACnet, it is crucial that we understand the protocol’s roadmap, challenges, and opportunities. We are at an inflection point in the industry that affects everyone who uses BACnet — from manufacturers, to integrators, to building owners and managers,” says Pook-Ping Yao, CEO of Optigo Networks. “This is the information we were looking for two years ago when we developed Visual BACnet, and six years ago when we founded Optigo Networks.”

Download a complimentary copy of this white paper.


Monica McMahen
Marketing Manager
Optigo Networks

About Optigo Networks

Optigo Networks believes healthy networks are the backbone of smart buildings, and people are at the core. As more buildings embrace IoT, new challenges arise in making our buildings efficient, comfortable, and secure. The network is integral to ensuring these intelligent systems work properly.

At Optigo, we make sure the data moves seamlessly from edge-to-cloud or edge-to-server, uncompromised and on time. We simplify the complex for people who own, manage, and operate smart buildings. With award-winning solutions, we’re the first to address the growing complexity of the thousands of machines in our buildings. We build and monitor healthy networks in a rising number of commercial buildings worldwide.



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