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Optigo Visual Networks Launches Improved Network Health Scoring Algorithms and Other Enhancements

Optigo Visual Networks (OptigoVN) free 3.1.0 update is here, enhancing our next-generation OT network and BAS monitoring and troubleshooting software with improved network health scoring and in-app tutorials.

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May 6, 2024, Vancouver, Canada – Optigo Networks, the leading provider of operational technology (“OT”) hardware and software solutions, is pleased to announce the rollout of Optigo Visual Networks (OptigoVN) 3.1.0, a free update that further enhances our next generation OT network and BAS monitoring and troubleshooting software with improved network health scoring and in-app tutorials.

OptigoVN’s improved network health scoring algorithms provide the industry’s most accurate and detailed evidence of OT Network health, allowing technicians to pinpoint the root causes of issues, and prioritize steps toward network health remediation. Users can easily upload and analyze files with OptigoVN’s new network health scoring algorithms starting today by creating a free account at app.optigovn.com.

OptigoVN has also added an in-app onboarding tutorial feature. The interactive tutorial lets users quickly and easily create their first OT Network and upload data captures within seconds. Other interactive features including tooltips, product announcements, and more are slated for release later this month.

About OptigoVN

OptigoVN is Optigo Networks’ next-generation OT network and BAS monitoring and troubleshooting software. OptigoVN supplies vital free tools for facilities managers, building operators, system integrators, technicians, service providers, and others working with building automation systems and OT networks. 

OptigoVN is free and offers two optional paid add-ons to enhance the experience. Site Scopes are available for as little as $29.95 per month and unlock powerful analytic tools to diagnose even the toughest OT network problems. Extra User Seats are also available for as little as $9.95 per month, allowing multiple users to share data and resources in real time.

OptigoVN harnesses the cloud, enabling it to automatically scale compute resources to handle even the largest building automation systems and OT networks. Purpose-built for real-time collaboration, sharing, and security, OptigoVN brings remote users together worldwide, saving organizations money and eliminating concerns over lost laptops.

Begin your journey with the world’s best diagnostic software for monitoring and diagnosing building automation systems and OT networks. Create your free account today at app.optigovn.com.

About Optigo Networks

Optigo Networks is shaping the future of the built environment by redefining how commercial buildings are connected and monitored. Optigo Networks’ solutions reduce the cost and complexity of deploying OT networks by providing a robust edge-to-cloud solution for connecting and monitoring the systems that make buildings secure, comfortable, and efficient.

Optigo Networks’ offerings include OptigoVN, the free solution for monitoring and diagnosing OT networks and building automation systems, Visual BACnet, our counterpart to OptigoVN for dedicated cloud and on-premises solutions, and Optigo Connect, a network hardware and software platform for connecting and managing OT networks. Learn more at www.optigo.net.

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