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Optigo Networks digs into data at Haystack Connect

Florida Tampa Optigo Haystack Connect

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The team from Optigo Networks recently had the pleasure of attending the third annual Haystack Connect in Tampa, Florida.

The team from Optigo Networks recently had the pleasure of attending the third annual Haystack Connect in Tampa, Florida. This unique conference brings together some of the brightest minds in building automation, energy efficiency, and IoT to drive smart data use and inspire innovation.

At Haystack, we connected with an avid audience of both new contacts and old friends. The focused, highly technical conference attracted a global gathering of 250 attendees hailing from Spain, France, Australia, Mexico, and China, as well as Canada and the US. With a booth placed in the middle of the show floor, we were able to meet and build relationships with many of these attendees.

A significant focus of Haystack 2017 was improved data: making data collection more efficient and consistent across the industry. This will in turn allow users to spend less time cleaning data and more time leveraging the information and making informed decisions. Data is everywhere, but it is currently not being used to its fullest capacity. Analyzing data to create smarter buildings is a fundamental tenet of Optigo Networks’ vision. Data can help us improve performance; predict failures; reduce energy use; and generally make more informed decisions. Our CEO, Pook-Ping Yao, covered these benefits in his talk, Network Analytics – The Next Big Thing. The enthusiasm for data at Haystack made it clear that our focus on data with Optigo Connect and Visual BACnet is much-needed in the community.

Yao also spoke about Why Building Services Warrant a Dedicated Networking Infrastructure, in a talk with Brian Turner, President at OTI. Yao and Turner discussed the differences between building automation systems and IT, and how a separate infrastructure can lead to a healthier network.

Florida Tampa Optigo Haystack Connect

Optigo Networks’ brand new integration with KMC Controls also started a buzz at Haystack Connect. The partnership allows engineers and technicians to monitor their entire system, by scheduling captures in the state-of-the-art KMC Conquest BACnet Router for MS/TP and IP networks. The capture is recorded and saved, so it is ready to upload into our advanced analytics platform, Visual BACnet. The online application helps technicians visualize patterns and anomalies, assess their network’s health, and diagnose the source of issues. Learn more in the press release.

Our thanks to the team at Haystack Connect for a great experience. There was a true sense of community at the conference, across manufacturers, integrators, and end users. We look forward to seeing many of these attendees at the upcoming Realcomm 2017 in San Diego, June 14-15!

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