Making Smart Buildings Smarter

Optigo Networks is shaping the future of the commercial Internet of Things (IoT). Optigo uses visualization and anomaly detection to enable explosive growth of IoT in buildings.

With its award-winning self-learning software, Optigo analyzes the communications of the thousands of thermostats, key card scanners, cameras and smart lights in commercial buildings. This allows building operators to quickly identify faults in their operational systems and reduce downtime from hours to minutes.

Optigo is the first to address the growing complexity of maintaining the thousands of little machines that make our buildings comfortable, efficient and secure. Optigo’s solutions are used every day in a rising number of buildings around the world.

Optigo Networks is located in Harbour Center in downtown Vancouver.

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Pook-Ping Yao
CEO and Director
Pook-Ping Yao is a proven business leader with an excellent understanding of world-wide networking markets and extensive international business experience. Recognized expert in smart buildings, networking and cybersecurity technologies combined with first-class communications skills, drive and management skills. Prior to co-founding Optigo, Ping spent 12 years at PMC-Sierra (now Microsemi) in network design and applications.
Daniel Ronald
VP Product Management
Dan Ronald is an IoT technology expert with 12 years of experience in developing cutting edge technologies and leadership. Dan coordinates Optigo’s product strategy and roadmap while leading the development team. Before joining Optigo, Dan was a senior product design expert in core networking technologies with PMC-Sierra (now Microsemi) and developed IP for the latest generation of OTN chipsets.
Erik Haberger, Director of Sales, Optigo Networks
Erik Haberger
Director of Sales
Erik has 15 years of experience in IP representing Nortel, Polycom, Redback & Ericsson and achieving solutions-based sales success with customers worldwide including AT&T, Vodafone, and a key break-in at NTT in Japan.


Jim Derbyshire
Chairman and Advisor
Jim is a well-respected entrepreneur and mentor in Vancouver with several successful exits in hardware, software and internet technologies. Jim is currently a mentor-in-residence at Simon Fraser University and has over 18 years of CEO experience and a track record of growing innovative, leading-edge, startups using bootstrap, Angel and Angel/VC-backed business models. In the last 12 years, Jim has raised over $100M of funding and been involved in several acquisitions.
Director and Strategic Partnership Advisor
Danny Kam’s track record of successfully growing companies is well-known in Vancouver tech circles. Working with Avigilon Corporation’s executive team, he restructured and then tripled the size of its engineering group while assisting the company in increasing its revenues from $100M to $270M within two years. While Head of R&D at Ericsson’s Burnaby office, he built a team of 220 staff in less than three years, while overseeing all technical and operational aspects of the company’s research and development team.
Anton Hofland
Anton is the CEO of 2024Sight, which designs and implements secure IT infrastructures for real estate developments, industrial facilities and financial institutions. He has more than 20 years of experience in IT, cyber security and networking in the financial and telecommunications industries. Prior to setting up 2024Sight, he was the head of IT for a Bahrain-based financial institution and has also worked for several major financial institutions in the City of London.
Byron Thom
Byron is a systems engineer and a lawyer with a focus on patents and general business/IP law. He has spent his engineering and legal career working with startups and young companies developing both technical products and IP portfolios. He now currently holds a position of Associate Director, IT Venture Fund with BDC Capital.