Take control of your BACnet network with live site monitoring

Site monitoring for your BACnet networks

Vancouver, BC, June 19, 2017 – Live reporting on BACnet networks is now a reality. A cutting-edge new release from Vancouver-based Optigo Networks makes it possible to monitor your smart building’s network at all times. The Capture Service and BACnet Site Monitoring features on Visual BACnetTM, an advanced diagnostics platform, give users the ability to schedule packet captures (pcaps), and to be alerted as soon as there are any changes to their network’s health.

“We are paving a future for smart buildings in an era of convergence and continuous commissioning,” said Dan Ronald, VP Product Management, Optigo Networks. “Our brand new Site Monitoring and Capture Service features give users crucial insights into their building networks as they evolve over time.”

Visual BACnet is a high-performing visualization tool for Building Automation System (BAS) service providers. The powerful analytics engine quickly identifies common problems and anomalous behavior in the BACnet infrastructure. The program’s health score is a concrete way to immediately gauge the network’s condition. With graphs and visualizations, users can assess their building network, drill down, and quickly diagnose issues.

Optigo Networks’ new Capture Service allows users to schedule hourly or daily captures, which will automatically upload into Visual BACnet. Rather than waiting while a packet is captured, schedule ahead of time so that tedious work happens in the background. Then, simply pull up Visual BACnet, see the latest network health score, and diagnose issues to quickly resolve them.

With Site Monitoring, users can be alerted as soon as anything changes on their smart building network. Email notifications report when the network’s health score drops below an acceptable level. Know when someone is making changes to the network that they shouldn’t be, and look at the history of changes over time to spot exactly what went wrong, when, and how.

These live monitoring features put power in the hands of controls engineers and building managers. With key metrics and instant notifications, sudden and expensive network surprises are a thing of the past.



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