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Think you know the BAS industry? Test yourself.

BAS industry map BACnet Optigo Networks

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When I really think about it, I’m astounded by how much movement and change there is among companies in the building automation industry. Everyone — both new companies and old — is partnering, purchasing, and generally collaborating a heck of a lot more than they used to. 

This industry map we put together is a pretty incredible visual. 

Think you know the industry? Test yourself! What companies are missing here? (The answer’s at the bottom of this post, and the complete map is below that. But no peeking!) 

BAS industry map BACnet Optigo Networks

It’s not so long ago that the industry was dominated by the “Big Four.” And while some companies are still mammoth forces in the industry, there are a lot of small companies that are building their own buzz. 

The new spirit of collaboration helps the big companies innovate and keep up with customer demands, while the smaller companies get much-needed funding, resources, and market reach. 

I’d call that a win-win for everyone involved!  

For more on how BACnet has changed the industry, read our whitepaper, “Why should you invest in BACnet?” If you’ve ever wondered:

  • Why use BACnet?
  • Is BACnet secure?
  • Is BACnet open, or proprietary?
  • When and why was BACnet created? 
  • What ways BACnet can be used?
  • Who uses BACnet?
  • How big is BACnet’s marketshare? 

We’ve got you covered. 

Download the whitepaper now! 

HINT: We removed Delta Controls, KMC, Acuity, Schneider Electric, and Automated Logic. But where do they go on the map? Test your knowledge above!

ANSWER: The completed industry map below. It’s a lot to take in!

BAS industry map BACnet Optigo Networks


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