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Uniting IT and OT with Optigo

IT and OT working together, with Optigo

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IT and Operational Technology (OT) are similar: they both deal in data, handle security, and require training in their fields.

But they aren’t the same. Their use and collection of data are distinct; they have different security concerns; and the training and certifications aren’t equivalent.

Because of this, IT cannot do OT, and OT cannot do IT. The systems are simply too dissimilar for there to be direct crossover. And, if we’re not careful about merging IT and OT responsibilities, there are trade-offs because of these differences. Security might be sacrificed, or operational costs could go up. In our experience, when IT owns both networks exclusively, operational costs go up. When facilities is responsible for a traditional OT network, security risks go up because they are not familiar with IT standards of cybersecurity best practices.

The Optigo Connect solution balances these two concerns by bridging the gap between IT and OT. Whether separate or converged, when IT and OT can own their networks, everyone wins.

How? Find out by downloading our document on uniting IT and OT with Optigo Connect.

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