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Healthy Operational Technology Networks For Buildings

Our industry leading hardware and software solutions enable commercial buildings to run at their best, saving you time, money, and energy.

Healthy Networks For Smart Buildings

Our industry leading hardware and software solutions enable smart buildings to run at their best, saving you time, money, and energy.

Join Great Company

The world's largest building owners and service providers choose us to build and optimize their Operational Technology networks.

Make OT Network Issues a Thing of the Past

Optigo Visual Networks is a next generation OT network troubleshooting and monitoring software that analyzes OT network traffic to instantly reveal problems, allowing you to quickly resolve issues and prevent them from happening again. 

Operational Technology Networks at a Fraction of the Cost

Optigo Connect is a flexible family of networking products that efficiently connect thousands of smart devices at a fraction of traditional infrastructure costs.

Case Studies

Coventry University

Coventry University

Chris Goodman, the Senior BMS Technician at Coventry University, had broadcast storms that were happening more and more frequently.

Ongoing construction due to Coventry’s campus expansion meant lots of new activity, with technicians installing new devices and making network changes. Already juggling these constant additions and alterations, Goodman and his small team then had to deal with the subsequent broadcast storms. As the broadcast storms became more frequent, Goodman and his team needed a solution.

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ATS Companies

ATS, an industry-leading systems integrator with offices across the United States, has a clear vision for supporting customers. They want to be their clients’ trusted partner, through installation and beyond. With Visual BACnet, they found a way to serve more clients faster and deliver exceptional value.

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Data center expansion with OTI and Optigo Connect

Stack Infrastructure Data Center

Stack Infrastructure is a portfolio of hyperscale computing data centers. OTI completed work on Phases I and II, and returned for the Phase III build-out of a 4-megawatt data hall and brand new central plant. The Optigo Connect network put in place in Phases I and II was expanded on this project. The team achieved quick roll-out of a large, multi-service redundant network using the Optigo OneView management interface. Going forward, the facility management team can use OneView to remotely monitor equipment, manage power usage, and meet up-time goals.

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