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Tech Spec Sheets

Optigo Connect Spectra

Spectra Solution

The Internet of Things is happening — now. All systems for a modern smart building are based on IP connectivity, and this means new networking requirements. Optigo Networks recognizes that traditional networking solutions are simply not appropriate for building networks.

Optigo Connect Spectra is an efficient and flexible network that fits any smart building and reduces cabling cost while increasing reach. Optigo OneViewTM allows the entire network to be monitored and managed in a single graphical view.

Optigo Connect Hybrid

Hybrid Solution
Optigo Connect Hybrid takes all buildings into the 21st century, with a single pane of glass view for networks running on copper, multi-mode fiber, or mixed cabling.

Flexible design makes it easy to start with a piece of the Optigo solution and grow over time. Put Optigo Connect into every building, regardless of the need for a single standalone switch, a few switches on a copper network, or a large fiber network. Whether a small or large, new or retrofit project, any building can benefit from this smart building network platform.

Network Controller

ONS-NC600 with OneView™

Our management interface, the Network Controller with Optigo OneView, allows you to manage your entire network from one place. Using the supported router (available for order through Optigo) users can even enjoy the power and ease of multi-layer network management in one centralized dashboard. OneClick Secure allows you to close all open ports and lock used ports to the applicable MAC address with the click of a button. Optigo OneView gives you unique visibility into your building network.

Spectra Aggregation Switch

Our Spectra Aggregation Switch is designed specifically for deploying passive optical networking in intelligent buildings. It allows you to create a single virtual switch with up to 1028 distributed ports, and centrally monitor and manage your entire network with a built-in OneView Dashboard. Our Spectra Aggregation Switch supports all protocols in use for security and building automation, and easily achieves redundancy with its auto-switching Active/Standby feature.

Edge Switches

Our managed Edge Switches are engineered to meet any challenge in building automation and security. With various size, mounting and environmental options, our switches can be installed anywhere from a control room to a utility pole. All PoE and VLAN settings are centrally managed from Optigo’s OneView dashboard, allowing complete monitoring and control from one comfortable location.

Passive Optical Splitters

Connect Spectra's Passive Optical Splitters allow you to optimize the cabling throughout your intelligent building. Simply run a single fiber and split it wherever you need – without the use of power, climate control or maintenance. A wide selection of splitters enables a variety of flexible and expandable architectures, enabling your network to reach up to 20km (12.5 miles) while reducing cabling costs up to 80%.

Transceiver Plug-ins

Optigo Connect’s transceiver plug-ins achieve high-speed communications for single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, copper Ethernet, and mixed cabling networks. These small form-factor pluggable transceivers (SFPs) plug into the Aggregation and Edge Switches’ SFP ports, then connect to the cabling.

Visual BACnet Capture Tool

Capture BACnet Traffic
Our Visual BACnet Capture Tools allow you to easily capture BACnet IP and BACnet MS/TP traffic throughout your network. Schedule regular captures on any network or subnet, and they'll automatically upload to Visual BACnet on an ongoing basis. There, network changes are quickly identified and notifications will alert you of any problems. The Visual BACnet Capture Tools allow you to monitor every subnet in your BACnet system