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An Aussie project to improve energy efficiency

Optigo Networks Delta Building Automation 45 Benjamin Way project

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Delta Building Automation (Australia) had a big job renovating the Australian Bureau of Statistics HQ (ABS) a while back. The building owner wanted to improve the building’s energy use and increase their National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) score to more than 4.5 stars, out of a possible total of six.

The land down under has really been digging into energy efficiency in recent years, and buildings across Australia are adapting to meet new requirements. NABERS is designed to guide building owners and managers on their journey towards environmental friendliness.

For buildings that have optimized their systems, the benefits are fantastic. NABERS has already contributed to massive energy savings across the country, reporting that “In 2013 alone, re-rated office buildings achieved a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 380,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions, and saved 1.6 million litres of water.”

Unfortunately for this particular project, all commissioning information and original source code of the previous BMS system had been lost, making it harder to tune and achieve a higher NABERS rating. There was no existing network infrastructure, and no management system to measure the energy performance of the building.

Find out how we teamed up with Delta Building Automation to design an energy-efficient, future-proofed building network against all odds. Download the case study or watch our interview with Hendra Nugraha from Delta Building Automation!

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