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Crash course on making the most of Advanced Reports

Visual BACnet Advanced Reports

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Visual BACnet’s Advanced Reports are a fantastic addition to your service offerings, and a great way to keep your network updates on track. 

You can use them to:

  • Communicate the site’s status with your customer
  • win new jobs on sites with bad network health
  • track and document your progress on a site
  • and pre-screen projects before you start work

To help folks make the most of Advanced Reports, we hosted a 10-minute webinar digging into the differences between Basic and Advanced Reports, how to read the reports, and various ways to use them. Watch the recording, or read on for a quick recap.

Basic vs. Advanced Reports

In Visual BACnet, we offer two different types of reports: Basic and Advanced. The Basic Reports are free for all users. The Advanced Reports are free to Visual BACnet Site Monitoring customers, and are available as an add-on to Visual BACnet Troubleshooting customers. 

Basic Reports, as the name suggests, offer a simple overview of the network. You’ll see the Network Health Score, a network summary, basic PCAP information, and a statistics summary. 

The Advanced Reports provide much more detailed information, including an introduction, Network Health Score, summary, PCAP information, statistics summary, traffic graph, diagnostic checks, worst offenders, and the device list. 

Use cases for Advanced Reports

There are lots of ways to use Advanced Reports.

  • Keep customers in the loop on a site’s condition. The reports are perfect for sharing site information, whether your customer is highly technical and wants to dig into the nitty-gritty, or they’ll be satisfied with a simple Network Health Score. 
  • Document progress and show the value of your work. When you arrive on a site for service, run a report to show your customer the Network Health Score and exactly what needs to be done to improve it. Once you’re done fixing issues, share a follow-up report to prove the quality of your work. 
  • Pre-screen projects before you start work. If you’re heading to a site to add anything new, run a report first to ensure the network’s healthy enough to support the installation. If the network’s on the brink of disaster, one addition could break it entirely and you don’t want to be on the hook for pushing it over the edge. By running a report, you can request that network issues be fixed before you install anything new. Learn why BUENO Systems in Australia always checks customer networks in Visual BACnet before starting work. 

If you have customers or supervisors who need to stay up to date on Network Health, Advanced Reports are the perfect way to loop them in. You can even add logos to your reports in Visual BACnet, for an added professional touch! Learn more about Visual BACnet and all the ways you can monitor, assess, and report on Network Health. 

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