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How easy is it to set up a network with Optigo Connect?

Find out just how simple it is to get an Optigo Connect system up and running

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Whether it’s building a new piece of furniture or setting up some slick new tech, we’ve all been there: you’re ready to go, you pull up the instructions… and find that it’s way more complicated than you originally thought. The directions are confusing, it seems like there’s a thousand different steps, and the diagrams don’t do anything to clear things up. 

That’s a huge pain, especially if you’re setting up a network to bring a building online. We don’t think you should have to spend hours or days trying to get your router and switches up and running. 

That’s why Optigo Connect is designed to be simple and user-friendly.

  • Edge Switches come online as soon as you connect them to the Aggregation Switch, with no need to log in to them at all. 
  • Setting up VLANs and subnets takes a couple of clicks. 
  • Router management means you can select how many devices you want to have IP addresses, and simply apply. Once all devices have IP addresses, just reserve them to lock those addresses in.
  • And all of this is done in one centralized dashboard. 

So, just how easy is it to set up Optigo Connect? 

Take this testimonial from Mike Shen, Training/Engineering Manager at ATS Automation

“Your stuff ROCKS! It was so easy to set up. I spent days trying to set up a Big Brand switch, struggled with finding documentation, and even when I followed their instructions, it wouldn’t always work correctly. It took me 30 minutes to do the same thing with your stuff. I followed the instructions for initial startup which was simple to find and straight-forward, and all the subnet and VLAN stuff was very intuitive. I’m a big believer in Optigo now.”

As easy as it is to set up an Optigo system with the instructions in our support portal, you’ll never be alone if you need help. Our support team is here to answer questions you might have and help along the way. 

Watch a demo to learn more, or reach out to sales@optigo.net for a demo that’s personalized to your needs. 

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