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Introducing team accounts and much more!

New Features for Visual BACnet

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Our team has been hard at work building some great new features for you, including team accounts, file sharing, view-only mode and a new pricing plan!

Our team has been hard at work building some great new features for you, including team accounts, file sharing, and view-only mode! Here are a few of the new features you will see in Version 1.8.

Team Accounts

You asked, so here they are! We are officially launching our team accounts. Upgrade your account to a team account, and each member of the team will be able to upload files to the team folder, and view all the files within it. Leave notes for each other on the file summary screen, run reports, and keep track of all the analyses of the sites that you and your team work on together.

New Features for Visual BACnet

Team accounts allow joint access without everyone using the same account. Each member of the team can run reports for each file, and it will have their name on it. Notes can be left on the file and will be attributed to that person. It also ensures security of data if people join or leave your company – no password sharing!

View Only Mode

Account expired? Don’t have a full subscription yet? Your account is now in view-only mode. This means you can view any files that you have already uploaded, and show it off to your boss to get the full subscription.

You can also view files that have been shared with you.

Wait, shared with you? What does that mean? Good question. Keep reading!

File Sharing

You’ve uploaded your file and are identifying the problems with your system. You want to show the building owner, or the integrator, or send it to tech support for help with further diagnosis. So you download the file and email it over, right? Not anymore!

New Features for Visual BACnet

On the files page, click on the file to expand it. You will then be given the option to share the file by email. Type in as many emails as you would like and share it – you will now see a small yellow icon indicating it is shared. The recipient will be able to view the file from their account, whether it’s a paid account, a trial or in view only mode. If they don’t have an account, when you share the file they will be sent a link to open one.

New Features for Visual BACnet

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