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Introducing Visual BACnet Advanced Reporting

Reports Visual BACnet service reporting

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Advanced Reports in Visual BACnet allow you to sell Network Health reports as part of your service offering and to handoff building automation installations.

We are pleased to announce the latest addition to Visual BACnet – advanced reports! These reports are an account add-on, and enable you to share the information in Visual BACnet with your stakeholders – your customers, your partners, or your boss.

Reports in your Service Offering

You commission your sequences and your Inputs and Outputs, but what about your networks? Add Visual BACnet as a service offering to your current clients and increase the value of your contracts! Provide network reports on a quarterly, or monthly basis, and use the easy to understand Network Health score to communicate the status of the customers system. Baseline and track changes over time so that when something goes wrong you know exactly what has changed.

Reports for Project Sign-off

Whether it’s a contractor signing off on a job, a tech leaving a site, or new construction handing off to service, advanced reports prove that the work has been done. The network health ensures work is done to the same standard every time, and sign off doesn’t happen until the network is stable.

What’s Included?

Advanced reports include the following:

  • Summary Dashboard
  • PCAP File Information
  • BACnet and non-BACnet Traffic Graph
  • Statistics Summary
  • Network Diagnostic Checks and their values, color coded for pass, warning and failed checks
  • Appendix of all the offenders in the warning and failed diagnostic checks

How do I get them?

Advanced Reports are an add-on module to Visual BACnet. They will be released on May 5th and will be included for all users free of charge for 2 weeks. Advanced reports will be fully launched as an add-on to your account on May 19th, 2017.

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