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Optigo Connect Hybrid

Optigo Connect has long been a full-scale solution for large commercial buildings, from stadiums, to high-rises and data centers. 

Now, we’re supporting all Operational Technology (OT) networks, both big and small, new and retrofit. Our latest release, Optigo Connect HybridTM, is available for copper, single-mode fiber, multi-mode fiber, and mixed cabling networks, making Optigo Connect perfect for projects of any size. 

You don’t need a massive new fiber-driven building project to enjoy the fantastic benefits of Optigo Connect. Hybrid, paired with our suite of compact Edge Switches, makes Optigo Connect perfect for a standalone or complete network project. Get the full Optigo solution right away, or start with one switch to grow the network over time. Optigo Connect is flexible and scalable, to meet the needs of any building. 

Learn more about our Edge Switches for deployments of any size

Core to the Optigo vision is centralized management and user-friendly design. That’s no different in the Optigo Connect Hybrid release. Optigo OneView’s intuitive interface means there’s no coding in CLI to set up, manage, or commission the network. Because Optigo’s built for Operational Technology, there’s minimal IT training required to get the system up and running. 

Download our datasheet to learn more about the Optigo OneView management dashboard

No matter the size of your network — whether it’s a new build or retrofit project — Optigo can support your system and scale to meet its needs over time. 

Optigo Connect Hybrid is available for order through our distributor chain as of September 25th. Purchase through your preferred distributor, or contact sales@optigo.net for more information.

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