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Optigo Networks and Distech Controls to Deliver Efficient Buildings

Optigo Networks Distech Controls team up Mathieu Houle Wayne Tighe

Vancouver-based Optigo Networks has teamed up with Distech Controls, expanding its reach globally. The Optigo ConnectTM line of hardware and software solutions for smart buildings will now be available through Distech Controls and their respective channels. With their vision for efficient, technologically advanced smart buildings, this collaboration is a natural step for the two Canadian companies.

“Distech Controls is a globally respected business, with a host of award-winning projects,” says Wayne Tighe, VP of Global Sales at Optigo Networks. “We are excited to work with a leading innovator like Distech, to deliver healthy, smart building solutions.” 

Optigo Networks’ suite of products, including its popular Optigo Connect family, offer easy-to-manage switches for secure OT networks with a fraction of traditional infrastructure requirements. With Optigo OneViewTM, users can connect IP devices across large distances while maintaining network management from a single location for control and monitoring. This collaboration between Distech and Optigo Networks delivers tremendous end-to-end solutions for large, commercial building networks. 

“Distech Controls is proud to add Optigo Connect BAS/OT Ethernet Switches to our Field Device program. We believe that this is the ideal networking complement to our ECLYPSE Connected Controller product line, as this BAS equipment includes Aggregation Switches with built-in OneView™ Dashboards, Passive Optical Splitters, and Edge Switches,” said Mathieu Houle, VP of Customer Experience.

Together, Optigo Networks and Distech Controls are building high-performing, efficient spaces throughout North America and beyond.

Learn more about this new partnership, or download the press release

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