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Optigo Networks expands solution for complete network management

Optigo Connect router management solution

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June 2, 2020 Vancouver, BC – Optigo Networks, the connectivity, monitoring, and analytics company, now offers a complete networking solution for Operational Technology (OT). The Optigo ConnectTM line of networking products, controlled through the Optigo OneViewTM platform, is expanding its network configuration and management software to include router management. With the supported router model, available for order through Optigo, this provides multi-layer network visibility in one centralized package. Building and facility managers can minimize their dependence on IT and truly own their network, with a router solution designed for OT.

“Most routers are complicated systems developed specifically for IT experts. Building and facility managers have challenges managing routers on their own, leaving them dependent on another team for their success,” says Ryan Hughson, Director of Business Development at Optigo Networks. “Our router management solution puts the power and control back in the hands of building managers.”

Optigo Connect is an innovative family of networking products, providing centralized management and visibility with the Optigo OneView platform. OneView, the network management platform, allows customers to create VLANs, track bandwidth, and secure the building network at the touch of a button, all in one interface.

“With the growing number of IP devices in building systems, IP and routing management are a key part of modern systems,” says Pranjal De, Controls Engineering Manager at Modern Niagara. “We need a cohesive solution that makes it easier to manage the whole network, in one platform. We’re thrilled for how this new router management offering from Optigo will bring the full network into OneView.” 

The new router management solution through OneView provides robust features and functionality in an OT-friendly system. Building and facility teams can select a range of IP addresses and simply assign them, or securely integrate systems across VLANs, with minimal or no support from IT. No complex commands or coding in CLI is required. Customers can enjoy the ease of centralized, multi-layer network management in one simple interface.

“Full-feature routers are difficult and time-consuming to use. They aren’t designed for our building systems,” says Joshua Durston, BAS Specialist at Modern Niagara. “We are excited that OneView will include router management functions, leveraging the same simplicity in Optigo’s switch management.” 

Visibility and management throughout a building network is crucial for systems with hundreds to thousands of devices. Especially as OT connectivity continues to grow, building managers must be network partners alongside IT. Now, building managers can minimize their dependence on IT, with a router solution that is designed for OT. 

Optigo Connect’s router management solution is officially available. Reach out to sales@optigo.net to learn more and order now.



Natalie Serafini
Marketing Manager
Optigo Networks

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