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Power over Ethernet: The power’s in the cord

Power over Ethernet

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In our recent webinar with Hendra Nugraha from Delta Building Automation (Australia), we got all the details on Power over Ethernet (PoE).

The building owners at 25 National Circuit wanted to improve their building’s quality and energy efficiency, but had to be very careful about how they did it. By retrofitting the building, they could increase their Australian Green Star rating to a least 4.5 stars to achieve Australian Excellence. This would also make the space more tenant-friendly, attracting high-profile tenants and allowing them to charge more for rent. Because there were existing tenants, though, the downtime during this retrofit had to be kept to an absolute minimum — preferably non-existent.

The owners brought in Delta Building Automation (Australia), to guide them through this process. The team at Delta BA recommended improving the HVAC system with Power over Ethernet (PoE). PoE is the latest and greatest in smart buildings, and for good reason: it’s energy-efficient, cost-efficient, and extremely quick to install.

Delta partnered with Optigo Networks to provide a dedicated OT network for the HVAC system with PoE. Optigo’s 24-port networking switches and passive optical splitters enabled an efficient solution and cost-effective redundancy. Both were key to designing an energy-efficient, high-quality system. The technology’s plug-and-play simplicity integrated into the building seamlessly, and even left room for expansion: Delta BA has since added in on-demand CCTV and an Automatic License Plate Recognition system for the Australian Trucking Association tenants. Optigo Connect’s intuitive graphical interface, OneView, also offered crucial visibility by allowing Delta to budget their bandwidth and power usage throughout the installation.

“We partner with outstanding solutions providers to wow our customers with forward-thinking innovations. Optigo Connect’s Power over Ethernet design was integral to this upgrade at 25 National Circuit. The network is now flexible and strong, able to support a multitude of systems with ease and performing better than ever.” – Hendra Nugraha, National Engineering Manager, Delta Building Automation (Australia)

This retrofit upgrade improved the building’s Green Star rating to 4.5. Delta was even able to keep downtime to a slim 20 minutes during the retrofit: by keeping the old network system running while they began installing the PoE devices, they could quickly switch over to Power over Ethernet once the new network was fully integrated. Optigo Networks and Delta’s robust retrofit upgrade now has 25 National Circuit running better than new.

In our recent webinar with Hendra Nugraha, the National Engineering Manager for Delta Building Automation (Australia), we got all the details on PoE at 25 National Circuit. Missed the webinar? Watch it below!

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