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The need to balance security and convenience is why Optigo Networks has introduced OneClick Secure, a unique feature that secures the edge of your network.

We all know the importance of security in a building network. One seemingly minor risk like an unlocked port under the wrong circumstances can jeopardize the security of the entire building system. This is why, the very first thing you want to do after commissioning new devices is secure the network.

Security is critical — but the process of securing a traditional network is long and tiresome, as each and every switch must be individually configured by the network administrator. Once the network is secure, adding any new devices is a difficult and tedious task.

So, one of two things ends up happening. The network is fully secured, but making alterations becomes a slow and arduous task because of back and forth changes with the network administrator. Or the entire network is left open, allowing for rapid changes but at the expense of introducing serious security vulnerabilities. 

Facility Managers and Systems Integrators, in collaboration with IT, often do not go through the securing process to preserve flexibility in the system. This may be efficient, but it is a massive security risk: open or unlocked ports leave a weak spot in your building, opening the door for those looking to take advantage of a vulnerability. If someone got access to an edge device or open port, for example, they could connect their laptop to the network and wreak havoc. That could mean denial of service (DoS) attacks, turning off equipment using insecure protocols like BACnet, or opening all the doors in the access control system.

Building operators are left in a difficult position. Either they take their time securing the building network as a mountain of other tasks piles up, or they cut corners and risk being the target of malicious hackers.

The need to balance security and convenience is why Optigo Networks has introduced OneClick Secure, a unique feature that quickly and easily secures the edge of your network. OneClick Secure complements Optigo Connect, a suite of smart building network hardware and software that is revolutionizing how smart buildings are connected.

OneClick Secure locks every port in the system with one click of a button. This is achieved by systematically disabling unused network ports and linking ports to the devices with which they are connected. By disabling unused ports, no one can plug in a device without the administrator first opening the port. Active devices are secured through MAC address limiting where each port is locked to the MAC address of the connected device. That port will not allow traffic to pass from another device until the network administrator updates it. If a nefarious user unplugged a device and plugged in their laptop, for example, their computer would not be able to communicate over the network. 


The User Interface in OneView shows you exactly what changes were applied to the system and the resulting status of each port. When you need to make network additions and updates, simply unlock the network, or unlock the appropriate ports and make the changes you need. When you are done, re-secure your whole network with the click of a button.

Coordination between the network administrator and facility manager is often time-consuming and difficult. In addition, operating the network yourself is almost impossible without lots of IT training. Managing a network for the smart building should not be difficult and securing the building network does not need to be a tedious exercise. Start using a network that can grow with ease, saves you time and money, and secures the network edge with the push of a button. 

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This article was originally published on Automated Buildings

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