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Router management for Operational Technology

Optigo Connect router management

Optigo Connect has long been a powerful solution for Operational Technology (OT) network management. Optigo’s line of networking products, controlled through Optigo OneView, meets OT’s needs for security and scalability while keeping it simple for the building and facility managers who run it all. 

With router management, the newest addition to the Optigo family, you can enjoy multi-layer network visibility in one platform. IP management becomes quick and effortless with OneView’s intuitive interface.

Optigo Connect router management solution

Before, setting up IP addresses meant you’d have to access each individual device separately, enter the three IPs (IP, subnet, and gateway), and save them. This was all manual, and left lots of room for human error.

With OneView, you can get up and running in mere minutes through DHCP and reserving IP addresses. This is huge, saving weeks of effort if not more. 

With Optigo’s router management, you can: 

  • Create a range of IP addresses and assign them, just like that. 
  • Securely provide public Internet access (WAN), on a subnet-by-subnet basis, as needed. 
  • Configure paths between VLANs and subnets (inter-VLAN routing) for communication between systems. 

All of this, and no complex commands or coding in CLI is required. Check out this step-by-step demo of the router management solution in OneView to learn more.

OT networks don’t need the complexity of IT-grade products. Optigo Connect provides the robust features of an IT infrastructure with user-friendly design for OT. Minimize your dependence on IT and truly own your network, with the solution for OT.

Learn more by downloading our datasheets, or reach out with any questions

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