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Small deployment? No problem.

Optigo Networks edge switches

Optigo Connect is now available for any building, no matter the deployment size. Enhance an existing network, or form the base for a new building to grow into the full Optigo solution. With the ONS-C401i and ONS-C810p, you can start with one or two edge switches and expand over time.

These edge switches work on any site, whether a new build or a retrofit project. The ONS-C401i is built with industrial-grade capability, while the ONS-C810p provides support for Power-over-Ethernet. The standalone solution seamlessly fits any network’s needs, and can be built upon to add centralized management.

If you want to deliver on spec, on budget, and on time, look to Optigo’s high-performance edge switches for any project. Elevate a building’s current network, or design from the bottom up with Optigo Connect.

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