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Superb customer value, with Visual BACnet

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ATS needed a solution that would accelerate their vision and provide added value.

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ATS, an industry-leading systems integrator with offices across the United States, has a clear vision for supporting customers. They want to be their clients’ trusted partner, through installation and beyond.

This includes:

  1. advocating for their clients’ desired standards
  2. delivering superior service and support
  3. and providing ongoing analysis and optimization for building control systems


“By providing excellent installations and superior customer service, it is our hope that when a customer builds a new building or adds to their existing facilities that — even if we’re not the lowest bidder for that project — the customer will decide to go with ATS because they value the whole ATS package, not just the price tag for the original installation project,” shares Tedd Fillips, Vice President of Service Sales & Operations at ATS Companies.

With these goals in mind, ATS went in search of software platforms that would help them scale up their services. 

“To diagnose IP issues, we were using generic IP analytics tools. But they were not designed specifically for BACnet networks, and as such, they were very difficult to use and required high-level IT personnel to filter out all the non-BACnet traffic and to organize the data into useful information.”

This created a bottleneck. They needed a solution that would accelerate their vision and provide added value. 

They found the perfect solution with Visual BACnet

Visual BACnet is the world’s #1 software solution to improve building control systems. Visual BACnet analyzes building control system data to find over 50 challenging BACnet issues. This helps teams like ATS gain visibility into crucial systems, quickly troubleshoot and solve issues, and save time and money doing it. 

Find out what new opportunities have opened up for ATS as a result of Visual BACnet. Watch the video, and download our case study to learn more.

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