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Three Ways to Fit Visual BACnet Into Your Service Contract

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We’ve got tips to add value to every service contract you sell. Learn three ways to fit Visual BACnet into your service plans.

We all know customer loyalty is important, and the numbers back it up. Consumers spend more on companies they’re loyal to, according to Accenture. Getting new customers is 5 to 25 times more expensive than retaining new ones, according to Vision Critical. If you aren’t building long-term customer relations, you’re missing huge profits.

Service is key to establishing long-lasting relationships with customers. But in an open market, you have to differentiate from competitors. If you’re just like any other vendor, integrator, or contractor, why should clients sign a service contract with you?

We’ve gone into the basics of service contracts: what should be in a service contract, tips for selling service contracts, and the top reasons every building owner should have a service contract. Now, we’ve got tips to add value in every service contract you sell. Learn three ways to fit Visual BACnet into your service plans.

1. Monitoring

If your clients manage large, complex networks, monitoring for unexpected changes is a must. Visual BACnet Site Monitoring alerts you whenever the network health suddenly drops. If anything changes on the network, you’ll get an alarm straight to your email. Simply sit back and trust the system is running well unless you get an email alert. If you do get an alert, Visual BACnet is ready to help you solve the problem.

Drill down, pinpoint problems, and get the network healthy again in no time. You can even track trends in the network health to expose recurring issues. Learn more about BACnet Site Monitoring.

2. Reports

We all have customers who aren’t sure what we’re doing and are always trying to reduce their service contracts. Visual BACnet’s Advanced Reports lets you show your customer exactly what’s happening in their network. Provide reports on a quarterly or monthly basis, to show that the network’s constantly changing, and prove your days on site are effective. Highlighting network changes will show the importance of a service contract and ensure you win the business over your competitor.

Don’t lose service contracts because the customer has no insight into networking! The Advanced Report is easy to understand, even for non-technical customers. Learn more about our network report options.

3. Remote support

When clients call in a panic over offline devices, you can spot the problem before even arriving on site. Pull up Visual BACnet to assess the BACnet system’s health; visualize network activity, anomalies, and patterns; and pinpoint problems with advanced diagnostic checks. By assessing the network health before you arrive, you’ll know how long a job will take. This helps you manage customer expectations and coordinate your staff. Learn more about BACnet troubleshooting.

Download our tips and tricks for selling service contracts. 

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