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Troubleshoot BACnet five times faster with a single tool

Troubleshoot BACnet VisualBACnet

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Visual BACnet is an innovative software platform that removes the guesswork in troubleshooting BACnet.

Have you ever tried to solve a jigsaw puzzle without a picture to guide you? You might cobble together a complete image, but it will probably take far longer — and give you more of a headache — than if you started with the bigger picture.

Troubleshooting problems in BACnet can feel like a long process of elimination you just don’t have time for. Fixing a network problem is the comparatively easy part; it’s finding where the problem is that eats up time and money. Toss in duplicate devices IDs, circular networks, MS/TP issues, or a network that’s so overwhelmed controllers are constantly going offline… You could be looking at a job that takes anywhere from two hours to two weeks to get working.

Visual BACnet is an innovative software platform that removes the guesswork in troubleshooting BACnet. Whether the problem is duplicate device IDs, dropped MS/TP tokens, circular networks, or an influx of Global Who-Is, you’ll find the source in Visual BACnet. The user-friendly interface highlights key health checks in your network, letting you quickly visualize, assess, and diagnose.

Visual BACnet’s network health score gives a concrete, high-level summary of your BACnet system’s condition that can be tracked over time.

Troubleshoot BACnet VisualBACnet

Graphs clearly illustrate activity, anomalies, and patterns. With this detailed information, you can easily drill down and pinpoint the exact problems and the devices causing them.

Troubleshoot BACnet VisualBACnet

Our customers have found great benefits from using Visual BACnet in their service contracts and while troubleshooting: 

found which device was offline in two minutes. In Wireshark, I would have spent half an hour digging line by line through three different captures.” 

“I quickly found […] an error due to an unknown property request. Before Visual BACnet this would have taken about five to 10 minutes to discover. Now with VB I can know this in under a minute.”

“This helps us find things in one hour that I would otherwise need four hours to find.”

Visual BACnet limits time wasted troubleshooting BACnet issues that shouldn’t exist, so you can focus on the rest. How does this save you money? It removes the uncertainty. You can spot where the problem is five to 10 times faster, before the technician even gets on site. They arrive knowing what they have to do, saving time for everyone. Depending on the size and urgency of the problem, Visual BACnet could pay for itself on the very first service call.

Visual BACnet empowers users to troubleshoot issues quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. It creates a big-picture view of your building, taking the guesswork out of solving network puzzles. Sign up now, and see how Visual BACnet can save you time and money. 

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