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Optigo Networks Visual BACnet Device Browser

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June 11, 2019, Vancouver, BC – Optigo Networks’ newest development helps facility managers track, manage, and protect their BACnet devices. The Device Browser, available in late-July, is a groundbreaking development that increases cybersecurity by identifying the devices on the network and alerting when new ones are added.

“Cybersecurity is a big priority at Optigo Networks, and we want to help our customers navigate this growing world of cyber threats. Knowing your assets is the first step in creating and maintaining a secure system,” says Monica McMahen, Director of Marketing at Optigo Networks. “The new Device Browser empowers facility managers to track and manage their BACnet devices, without disrupting their workflows.”

Visual BACnet, with the unique new Device Browser, is an all-in-one solution for cybersecurity and troubleshooting. The site-wide device list shows active, inactive, and dormant BACnet devices, as well as those that have never been observed before. The Device Browser alerts the user when any new devices are added to the network, and gives them the ability to mark devices as approved or unapproved. The Device Browser also helps users troubleshoot system issues faster, because they know what devices are on their network and can easily pinpoint problematic devices and fix them.

The Device Browser is an innovative addition to Optigo’s Visual BACnet Site Monitoring platform. This powerful monitoring service:

  • lets users track network health trends and expose recurring issues;
  • provides a quantifiable measure of the network’s condition with a Network Health Score;
  • and highlights key issues for easy troubleshooting.

Visual BACnet Site Monitoring allows users to spot problems, drill down, and troubleshoot to resolve. Email alerts can even be set to notify on sudden changes in network health.

Visual BACnet’s Device Browser provides visibility into the devices on a network, helping users monitor smarter, troubleshoot even faster, and secure their systems. In a world full of cybersecurity threats, this revolutionary release helps facility managers protect their BACnet assets.

Learn more about Visual BACnet and the new Device Browser!



Natalie Serafini
Marketing Strategist
Optigo Networks

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