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JACE Wiretap feature Niagara 4 Visual BACnet

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If you’re tired of going on site to capture BACnet data, look no further than your JACE.

The latest release of Visual BACnet from Optigo Networks allows you to capture traffic for analysis right from your JACE, 100% remotely. Our team has been hard at work developing this feature to allow you to harness the power of your JACE with Visual BACnet.

All you need is:

No additional hardware is required and no need to send anyone on site.

Register for our webinar to learn more.

The JACE controller lets you direct a stream of BACnet traffic which can be captured. A chain of MS/TP devices sends data to the JACE controller running Niagara 4. From there, data passes through the LAN, to a PC running Wireshark or a Visual BACnet Capture Tool. This data is sent to the Internet and uploaded to Visual BACnet, manually when using Wireshark or automatically with an API key when using the Visual BACnet Capture Tool.

Once Visual BACnet has the capture, it is analyzed with over 20 Diagnostic Checks based on industry standards. These checks assess the health of the BACnet system, listing critical issues first. With the ability to see where the network is having problems, alongside descriptions of potential sources and fixes within each of the checks, you can work your way down the list and quickly resolve common BACnet problems. A Network Health Score, calculated from the diagnostics, on each capture helps you validate your work and show clear, measurable improvements.

If you use a Visual BACnet Monitoring account, you’ll even be notified when there’s a sudden drop in your Network Health, so you can quickly respond and fix problems.

I hope this exciting new release helps users unlock greater functionality from the hundreds of thousands of JACEs out in the field. If you have a JACE N4 supporting BACnet MS/TP devices, be sure to check out this feature.

Register for our webinar on May 12th at 10:30 a.m. PST / 1:30 p.m. EST to see this new feature in action! Our team will demonstrate how you can use this new solution to capture and analyze BACnet traffic on your network.

This article was originally published on Automated Buildings

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